The Great Decisions Discussion Group – open to new members.

Chester Library enjoys offering a variety of programs for our Adult patrons. The Great Decisions program allows people of diverse backgrounds to come together bi-monthly to share their opinions in a pleasant and non-judgemental discussion group. Each meeting is moderated by a Chester Library representative and allows a participant each week to lead the discussion on one of the engaging topics.

About Great Decisions     

Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs.  The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the DVD and meeting in a Discussion Group to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today.Each year, eight topics are chosen by a panel of experts.

How to Participate: 

  • Purchase the Great Decision Book for $25.00 via the Library
  • Try to attend all eight (8) b-monthly meetings.
  • Meeting are held Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM –  a 30-minute video then group discussion about the topic.
  •  The dates are listed on the Library calendar, so you can plan accordingly.
  • A willingness to be open-minded and respectful to your fellow discussion group members.
  • Library Contact/Moderator: Donnella Tilery, Adult Programs donnella.tilery(at)