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Teen Book Club

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 2nd   7:00 pm

Stop by the Teen Room and join a new book club for teens run by teens!  This month we’re reading “Lord of the Flies” but you can bring any good book you would like to share with the group.  Free books and refreshments too.  This group is for middle and high school students.

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Stress Buster Yoga Class

Wednesday, May 8th  7:00 pm

Take a break from studying and  join us for a special Yoga class  designed to reduce stress through deep relaxation and poses for calming, strength and balance.

For middle and high school students.

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Summer Volunteer Meeting

Wednesday, May 29th  6:30 pm

Are you interested in volunteering at the library this summer? Stop by the Teen Room and learn all about our volunteer program and how you can get involved.

Contact Mrs. Burden if you have any questions about our volunteer program!

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Interested in reviewing advance books for the Library? Contact Mrs. Burden for more information!


All the Greys on Greene Street by Laura Tucker

Advance Review by Emma Chan

This book is coming out June 4th!

When twelve-year-old Olympia’s father flees to France under mysterious circumstances and her
mother refuses to get up from bed, Olympia’s world feels like it will fall apart. However, when
her secrets threaten to come to light, she must make a choice: save her parents, or save
All the Greys on Greene Street is a surprising yet intrinsically real novel that delights readers.
The protagonist, Olympia, is a budding artist, and art is an inherent part of her life as a
meaningful method of expression. Her character serves both as an inspiration and an identity
that many young artists can relate to. The down-to-earth writing style allows readers to connect
with her conflicting emotional struggles. Olympia’s bravery and candor shine through in the plot,
and the climax highlights the crucial value of family and friends. This book is perfect for young
artists and it’s riveting story line will appeal to mystery lovers alike.


Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

Advance Review by Emma Chan

This book is coming out April 1st!

Nadya Lapteva is blessed by the gods:  as the last known cleric, she can communicate with all of the gods known to her home country of Kalyazin, and harnesses their power in the struggle against the blood mages of Tranavia.  She is accompanied by Malachiasz, a broken Tranavian boy with hidden abilities, dark histories, and undiscovered motives.  The High Prince Serefin Meleski leads the Tranavian army, doing his father’s bidding yet growing skeptical of the government’s aims.  All of them have one goal:  to end the bloody conflict that has raged on for years.  Together these three characters play central roles in an elaborate plot that will result in the undoing of all the values Nadya held dear.  As the situation becomes dire, the truth about Nadya’s magic comes to light, and she realizes that what she thought was a blessing may very well be a curse.

Wicked Saints is the dark, chillingly beautiful fantasy novel that contains the best of the genre worlds:  romance, fantasy, thriller, dystopia and horror.  This world full of blood and magic feels as real as everyday life.  Through the brilliant writing, I can commiserate with Malachiasz, the lying, self-absorbed king whose only truth is his name, experience Nadya’s emotional anguish and guilt in endangering her friends, and understand Serfin’s suspicions of the stifling, policy-obsessed nobility.  This book was a true page turner that any teen reader will relish.





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