Great Sites for Kids & Parents: classified & annotated; 700+ sites recommended for preschool-elementary age children & their parents by librarians from the American Library Association; not indexed, but a good place to start any search for learning & entertainment

KidsClick!: web guide and search tool for kids by librarians; browse or search 4,700+ Internet sites for kids; can search by reading level the U.S. government’s official portal for kids

Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids: divided by grade level, this site from the US Government Printing Office covers US government from beginner to advanced levels; includes section for parents and teachers

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Nye Labs Online: as much fun as the TV show; projects, demos, fun facts; for K-5

Children’s Literature Web: children’s books awards; children’s bestsellers; resources for teachers, parents & storytellers; links to children’s literature sites; searchable

Children’s Picture Book Database: from the University of Miami Ohio Education Department, abstracts of 4,000+ picture books; search capabilities for over 900 keywords, including topics, concepts, and skills which describe each book State Reports: links to information needed for elementary school reports on the States

FactMonster: from Information Please designed for kids; atlas, almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia; plus games

FunBrain: educational games on a variety of subjects for kids in K-8

Harry Potter Home Page: from Warner Bros., fun interactive site for fans

Harry Potter Lexicon: the people, places & things in the Potter series, including a time line; searchable.

IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide: everything from how to start to how to present a project – a winning collection of links!

MadSci Network: Ask-A-Scientist (and more) on the WWW: from Washington University & the St. Louis Public Schools for kids & adults; ask-an-expert; search by keyword, grade level, or bring up topics at random

NASA Kids’ Club: a NASA site just for kids, but does have a teachers’ page for middle school through college; commercial site with ads, but redeeming qualities include more than 300 literature summaries (by chapter), which include 109 Barron’s Booknotes and 200+ MonkeyNotes booknotes. Originally conceived as a competitor to Cliffs Notes, this site also contains lengthy study guides in many academic areas, a digital library of around 2,000 classic texts, guides for parents helping their children learn, testing information for every state

Pottermore: a unique and free-to-use website which builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books

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