Jobs and Careers

Career Builder: search 190,000+ help wanted ads from 35 newspapers across the US

CareerOneStop: learn about different careers, find career information, and locate career resources 1,001+ free cover letter examples for consultants, career changers, and job hunters

CareersMain: executive, management & professional job listings; updated weekly; news & resources from the Wall Street Journal; guide to job hunting on the Web; special articles for new college grads; searchable

College Grad Job Hunter: for the recent college graduate; job postings + advice on resumes & interviews

Glassdoor: an inside look at jobs and companies Online resume builder, along with sample resumes and tips for writing and formatting a resume

JobHuntersBible/What Color is your Parachute: author Dick Bolles selects the best sites on the Internet for job seekers; links to job listings, resume preparation; how to use the Internet for job hunting

Licensed Occupations: New Jersey license requirements by occupational title; includes license authority information, qualification requirements, issuing agency contact search national & international job listings & company profiles/career profiles and advice

New Jersey Civil Service Commission: updated daily with listings of openings for municipal, county and state jobs; online applications; general information on law enforcement and fire fighter careers

New Jersey Employment Information: find a job; file for unemployment; explore a career; also labor data; from the NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

NJO Career Center Career Search: search classifieds from the Star Ledger and Trenton Times

Occupational Outlook Handbook: keyword search the full text of the Handbook; includes job details such as nature of work, hours, educational requirements, employment opportunities, future outlook, earnings

Recruiters OnLine Network: find recruiters & search job listings

Relocation Salary Calculator: calculate salary needed to maintain standard of living in another state or country; from

Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities: gateway to employment opportunities & career information on the Internet

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