Dictionaries and Languages

Acronym Finder: 48,000+ acronyms; specializes in computers, technology, telecommunications and the military but includes others

Abbreviations.com: The ultimate resource of Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms on the Web!

Babel Fish: translate text you enter or text of a web page address from or to English and 11 other languages

Basic Guide to ASL: American Sign Language; basic vocabulary, alphabet, numbers; includes video

Common Errors in English: lists nearly 300 grammar errors in American English; list of commonly misspelled words

FreeTranslation.com: translate text that you enter or translate a Web site by entering the url; attempts to translate phrases, not only words

iLoveLanguages: comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources including online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools; searchable

MerriamWebster Dictionary: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary online; includes definitions, pronunciation, thesaurus

OneAcross: for crossword puzzle solution help; enter the clue and number of letters to get a word; also contains links to puzzle sites

OneLook Dictionaries: searches 100+ English language online dictionaries; links to dictionaries and translators

Rhyming Dictionary: find perfect rhymes, partial rhymes & homophones

Roget’s Thesaurus: search the online version of Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, 3rd ed.

Travlang’s Translating Dictionaries: English to German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian, Czech, Afrikaans, Latin, or Esperanto or from any of these languages to another; also provides a currency converter

Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus: integrated dictionary & thesaurus that includes 50,000+ head words

YourDictionary.com: 350 dictionaries on 100+ languages; on-line grammars

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